Welcome to the website of the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS). You can join us here.

Mission Statement

Research into and critical analysis of screen-based media are central to understanding the culture, society and economy of the new century. The British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies exists to:

  • promote the recognition of the discipline and represent the academic and professorial interests of those engaged in it to the academy, government, funding agencies, the cultural industries and the public;
  • encourage best teaching and research practice;
  • promote the training of postgraduate students in research.
  • The opportunity to attend and present a paper at the annual BAFTSS conference.


The BAFTSS constitution is available here: BAFTSS Constitution.

BAFTSS Relationship to Other Organisations 


Executive Committee: 

Chair: Phil Powrie (Surrey)

Acting Vice-Chair: Andrew Moor (Manchester Metropolitan)

Secretary: Rajinder Dudrah (Manchester)

Treasurer:  Lúcia Nagib (Reading)

EC Ordinary Members:

Stefano Baschiera (Belfast)

Tim Bergfelder (Southampton)

Beth Johnson (Keele)

Paul McDonald (Nottingham)

Alex Marlow-Mann (Birmingham)

Lucy Mazdon (Southampton)

Brian Winston (Lincoln)