*Deadline Approaching*  Genre, Gender and the Politics of the Everyday: Performing Tensions On and Off Screen

Submissions are invited for the third annual BAFTSS conference at Manchester Metropolitan University, 16-18 April 2015. The title of the conference is “Genre, Gender and the Politics of the Everyday: Performing Tensions On and Off Screen”. We are delighted to announce that the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2015 is Professor Christine Geraghty. In addition, the 2015 conference will see BAFTSS present a Memorial Award honouring the work of Professor Stuart Hall. With these awards in mind, we would like to invite papers and/or panels on all areas of television, film and screen studies. Where not proposing a full paper, PG students are welcome to submit proposals for poster presentations. Proposals for papers, panels and poster presentations should focus on one or more of the following:


Quality and value

Aesthetics and style




Media specificity and convergence

Audience studies

Patterns of production, distribution and reception

Screen Practice

Rhythms and representations of the ordinary and the everyday



The conference will host Christine Geraghty’s ‘Desert Island’ screening event and a screening of John Akomfrah’s documentary The Stuart Hall Project (2013), two keynote talks (one by the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, one by a television practitioner), a Memorial Award, the BAFTSS Awards Ceremony, a Postgraduate/Early Career development session, conference dinner and publishers’ stands.

Proposals for individual papers (with or without a panel proposal) should be 250 words long, plus a brief biography (100 words) including affiliation details. Proposals for poster presentations should be 150 words, plus a brief biography. Proposals for panels should be submitted to the conference committee (at j.m.andrew@keele.ac.uk)by Monday, 20 October 2014Proposals for individual papers and poster presentations should be submitted to the conference committee (at b.l.johnson@keele.ac.uk) by Monday, 10 November 2014. Please state in the title of your email if you are proposing a paper, a panel or a poster presentation. You must be a member of BAFTSS to present your research at the conference. To join, please go to http://www.baftss.org/join/ (£20 salaried, £10 unsalaried). Free places will be awarded to a very limited number of volunteer PG helpers and notice of these will be made available after papers have been reviewed. All proposers will be notified by 1 February 2015.

BAFTSS Executive Committee Elections 2012

The nomination process for elections to the BAFTSS Executive Committee is now complete. The election for members of the Executive Committee will be held online between 1 September and midnight on September 10. Members of BAFTSS will receive separate emails on how to vote.

BAFTSS received 9 nominations for the 7 ordinary members of the Executive Committee positions, and the election will concern those positions only. The 9 candidates and their statements in support of their election are listed below.

Only 1 person was nominated for each of the 4 named positions. In accordance with the constitution, those people are therefore declared elected unopposed for a term of 3 years, beginning after the AGM on 20 September



1. Brian Winston (Media, Lincoln)

Nominated by: Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, St. Andrew’s)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

I have been involved in screen studies since the 1970s and have sought to serve the academic community engaged in this work in a variety of roles. I think this experience can be of value to us as we build on the excellent foundation thus far laid. Those responsible for conceiving of BAFTSS were correct in their assessment of the need for a dedicated organization — as is evidenced both by our membership and the hearings we have had with the bodies who affect our work. I am happy to continue to support the Association in whatever capacity I can.



1. Phil Powrie (Arts & Human Sciences, Surrey)

Nominated by: Dina Iordanova, (Film Studies, St. Andrew’s)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

Phil Powrie is Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences (University of Surrey), Lead of the Association for Studies in French Cinema and Chief General Editor of its journal. He has authored/co-authored ten books, edited/co-edited a further nine and published over 90 journal articles and chapters, mainly on French cinema. In recognition of his work and services to French cinema, he was made Chevalier dans l´Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the French government in 1999. He is a member of the AHRC’s Peer Review College. Since July 2012 he has been involved with building the BAFTSS Postgraduate Network.



1. Rajinder Dudrah, (Screen Studies, Manchester)

Nominated by: Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, St. Andrew’s)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

Effective and clear communications will be important in helping BAFTSS to continue to establish itself as a key organisation representing colleagues working in and across Film, TV and Screen Studies. I will draw on my skills and experience as Head of Department of Drama (July 2007 – July 2010) and Director of the Centre for Screen Studies (2007 – present) at the University of Manchester, where I have worked with diverse individuals, creative teams, and represented and lobbied on behalf of the screen arts and humanities related subjects, to offer myself in your service as Secretary of BAFTSS.



1. Lucia Nagib (Centre for World Cinema, Leeds)

Nominated by: Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, St. Andrew’s)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

I have been asked to stand for the position of TREASURER within BAFTSS Executive Committee. I have accepted this nomination as I have been involved with BAFTSS from its inception and I am an enthusiastic supporter of its mission to raise the profile of film and screen studies with the government, funding agencies, cultural industries and the general public. As IEC member I have been engaged with events coordination, with particular emphasis on postgraduate training activities. I have devised and put in place a funding scheme to foster PG students’ training that has benefitted four PG conferences and seminar series across the UK in the past year. If elected treasurer, my focus will be on channelling membership revenue towards the expansion of services available for members; and on boosting fund raising in order to enable the increase of BAFTSS-sponsored PG training events, conferences, publications and international networking.


    Nominations for 7 Ordinary Members:

1. Lucy Mazdon (Film Studies, Southampton)

Nominated by: Self

Seconded by : Tim Bergfelder (Film Studies, Southampton)

I am a Professor of Film Studies at the University of Southampton. My research lies primarily in the area of French film and television history. I have a particular interest in studying French cinema in an international or transnational context, as evidenced by my work on remakes of French film and French film in Britain.

I have been a member of BAFTSS since its inception and fully support its activities and agenda. As such I would now be keen to take a more active role in the organisation. As an ordinary member I would be very happy to take on responsibilities in any of the areas listed in the call for nominations.


2. Tim Bergfelder (Film Studies, Southampton)

Nominated by: Self

Seconded by: Lucy Mazdon (Film Studies, Southampton)

I would like to nominate myself for one of the ordinary positions on the EC, ideally continuing in the role of awards coordinator that I have taken care of recently during the phase of the IEC. This appointment would ensure that I could pass on my experience to the new EC, and also develop the awards scheme further, for example by introducing new awards in consultation with other BAFTSS colleagues.


3. Joe Andrew (Film Studies, Keele)

Nominated by: Self

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

I have been an active member of the BAFTSS Interim Executive Committee since its inception; I am also currently a member of the BAFTSS team planning the inaugural annual conference for 2013. I bring to these positions a wealth of experience. I have been a university teacher, researcher and administrator for 40 years, at Keele University. I have huge and diverse experience of planning and running things: at Keele I have been Head of School, and Director for a variety of programmes; I am currently Programme Director for Film Studies. I am a long-standing member of the university Senate; I have also been on the Keele AUT / UCU committee for nearly 30 years. I am committed to the future of Film Studies within the academy.


4. Beth Johnson (English, Keele)

Nominated by: Joe Andrew (Film Studies, Keele)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

As a BAFTSS member and principal lecturer in Film and Television Studies at Keele University, I am highly organised and have a strong commitment to and passion for the promotion and the recognition of screen studies disciplines, as well as representing the academic and professorial interests of those engaged in it to the academy, the cultural industries, funding bodies, the government and the public. I believe that communication and liaison are essential to attaining and shaping the recognition of the disciplines within the professional and public sphere and as such, I would like to support the work and mission of BAFTSS by operating as an elected Executive Committee member in a liaison role.


5. Alex Marlow-Mann (Film Studies, Birmingham)

Nominated by: Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, St. Andrew’s)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communication, Goldsmiths)

I have been involved with BAFTSS since its inception, serving as the membership secretary, chairing the first AGM and helping to draft the constitution and build infrastructure (website, mailing lists, etc). I consider BAFTSS invaluable for the future of the discipline and am keen to continue serving on the Executive Committee. I am currently Lecturer in European Film at the University of Birmingham and have previously worked for the Centre for Film Studies at the University of St Andrews and the British Film Institute. I am a specialist on Italian cinema and author of The New Neapolitan Cinema (EUP, 2011).


6. Stefano Baschiera (Film Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast)

Nominated by: Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, St. Andrew’s)

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)


My goal and contribution as a member of the BAFTSS Executive Committee would be to continue to develop the communication with and the interaction between the members, in particular through the association’s website. I believe that BAFTSS’s online presence is central to the growth of its community of scholars and its relationship with other institutions. In fact, it is my aim to transform the website into an important hub for discussion and exchange as well as a place for members to share information, resources and ideas on best practices in screen education.


7. Matthew Hawkins (Media, Coventry)

Nominated by: Self

Seconded by: Chris Berry (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)

I am currently finishing my PhD at The University of East London, for which I received a studentship award from AHRC. My thesis explores the concept of ‘affective tonality’ and how this concept can be used as a tool to analyse and produce new (cinematic) narrative structures.

I am also a full-time lecturer in Media Production at Coventry University.  Both my research and my teaching explore the relationship between critical theory, continental philosophy and moving image practice. I hope that through my contribution to the BAFTSS committee I could help represent the interests of colleagues within academia, especially early career researchers.


8. Paul McDonald (Culture, Film and Media, Nottingham)

Nominated by: Self

Seconded by: Lucia Nagib (Centre for World Cinemas, Leeds)

Over the last year I have served on the BAFTSS Interim Executive Committee and now stand as a candidate for one of the ordinary member posts. It is vital that BAFTSS establishes strong cooperative relationships with external bodies, and during the last year I have contributed to meeting this aim by gaining support for the association from the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) and the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC). I am committed to consolidating and expanding these links and maintain active engagement with relevant organizations in the international academic and research community. I was a founding member of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) and served on the NECS Strategy Committee. I’m a member of the AHRC’s Peer Review College and Knowledge Exchange College. Since 1993 I have been a member of the SCMS and recently founded and now co-chair the SCMS Media Industries Scholarly Interest Group. I am also a trustee of the BUFVC.


9. Andrew Moor (English, Manchester Metropolitan)

Nominated by: Self

Seconded by: Linnie Blake (Manchester Metropolitan)

I have actively participated in BAFTSS since its launch, as a member of the Interim Executive Committee. I’ve collected census-data on film, tv and screen studies departments/subject areas across all UK universities – raw material for BAFTSS to use when lobbying about the size and significance of our field of study. I have also written a set of concrete proposals about teacher-training and schools education for BAFTSS to take to potential partners like the British Film Institute. I also have substantial experience in events/conference organisation and am confident I can play a meaningful role on BAFTSS Executive Committee.

You can download the pdf of this page here: BAFTSS Elections Nominations