Amateur Cinema SIG


Convenor: Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes (University of Cambridge)

List of founding members


The Amateur Cinema Special Interest Group is linked to the Amateur Cinema Studies Network (ACSN). Founded by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes in 2010, the ACSN is the first international initiative that brings together scholars and visual artists concerned with the study and production of amateur cinema.

The SIG will introduce scholars, researchers, and students of amateur cinema studies to wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary evaluations of key histories and theories of amateur media production (including home movies), distribution and reception. Ever since digital media and Web 2.0 became the globally dominant, almost ubiquitous mode of communication and representation, everyday amateur film / media productions have also become the centre of today’s film and media culture.

The Amateur Cinema SIG founding members include British and international film and media scholars, archivists and filmmakers interested in advancing current cross-disciplinary studies relevant to amateur film/media studies, from film history to social anthropology, psychology, political history and gender studies.  The Amateur Cinema SIG  is a forum for debate and best-practice protocols (theory and practice) while aiming to develop educational approaches for teaching amateur cinema/media studies and promote their inclusion in film and media studies programmes.

The Amateur Cinema SIG will place BAFTSS conference proceedings on the Amateur Cinema Studies Network website, including podcasts when available. Following the BAFTSS annual conference, several BAFTTS Amateur Cinema SIG presentations and papers will be revised for publication in selected academic journals (see, for example, the special issue on ‘Personal films in the Digital Space’ for New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film, Vol. 11, Issue 2-3, 2013).

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