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Convenor: Melanie Williams (University of East Anglia)

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The  SIG aims to provide an informal and highly collegial focus on national and regional Film/TV both ‘within’ the UK, as well as in broader transnational and global contexts (of evident special significance in the coming post-Brexit era). Fully embracing British Film and Television history, the SIG strongly emphasises contemporary work. It operates within a broad range of critical, theoretical, and pedagogic perspectives, and across a wide range of generic and representational modes and categories. The SIG seeks to make special reference to the new synergies of the digital era and the changing institutional practices of production and consumption which are amongst its most characteristic features.

The SIG has a 2016 membership of 45 BAFTSS members (25 men and 20 women), representing numerous institutions of Higher Education in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as including colleagues from Brazil and the United States. They include many established and distinguished scholars in the field, including members of the BAFTSS Executive, editors of The Journal of British Cinema and Television and also research students and early career researchers.

Individual members are involved in a large number of recent and forthcoming publications as well as formal and informal research projects. See membership and biographical sketches for further information.

An ebook series entitled Working Papers in British Cinema and Television and an annual British Cinema and Television Anthology have also been mooted by The London Symposium in conjunction with the SIG.


Books 2015-2016

  • SIAN BARBER Using Film as a Source (Manchester University Press, 2015)

  • JAMES CHAPMAN Swashbucklers: The Costume Adventure Series (Manchester University Press, 2015)

  • JAMES CHAPMAN A New History of British Documentary (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

  • JAMES CHAPMAN Hitchcock and the Spy Film (I.B. Tauris, 2016)

  • PHILLIP DRUMMOND (ed.) The London Film & Media Reader 3: The Pleasures of the Spectacle (The London Symposium, 2015)

  •  PHILLIP DRUMMOND (ed.) The London Film & Media Reader 4: Visions of Identity – Global Film & Media (The London Symposium, 2016)

  • FRANCES SMITH (co-ed.) The Films of Amy Heckerling (Edinburgh Univ. Press, 2016)

  • CLAIRE HINES (ed.) Fan Phenomena: James Bond (Intellect, 2015)

  • JONATHAN MURRAY The New Scottish Cinema (I.B. Tauris, 2015)

  • BRIAN NEVE The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: Film Noir, the Blacklist and ‘Zulu’ (Univ. Wisconsin Press, 2015)

  • PAUL NEWLAND (ed.)  British Rural Landscapes on Film (Manchester University Press, 2016)

  • JOHNNY WALKER Contemporary British Horror Cinema: Industry, Genre and Society (Edinburgh University Press, 2015)

  • JOHNNY WALKER (coed.) Grindhouse: Cultural Exchange on 42nd Street, and Beyond(Bloomsbury Academic, 2016)

  • JOHNNY WALKER (co-ed.) Snuff: Real Death and Screen Media (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016)

Forthcoming in 2016

  • LEWELLA CHAPMAN Fashioning James Bond: Costume, Gender and Identity in the World of 007

  • JOSEPHINE DOLAN Old Age and Contemporary Cinema: Gender and the Silvering of Stardom

  • PHILLIP DRUMMOND (ed.) The London Film & Media Reader 5: Questions of Cultural Value

  • DAVID FORREST New Realisms: Contemporary British Cinema

  • DAVID FORREST, SUE VICE Barry Hines: ‘Kes’, ‘Threads ’ and Beyond

  • DAVID FORREST, BETH JOHNSON (co-eds.) Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain

  • DAVID FORREST (co-ed.) Filmurbia: Screening the Suburbs

  • ROBIN GRIFFITHS Cinema and Sexuality … BETH JOHNSON Shameless Television: Drama, Remakes and Resistance

  • CECILIA MELLO The Cinema of Jia Zhangke: Realism and Memory in Chinese Film

  • NIGEL MORRIS (ed.) A Companion to Steven Spielberg

  • FRANCES SMITH Rethinking the Teen Movie: Gender, Genre and Identity

  • ANDREW SPICER Sean Connery: Stardom and National Identity

  • SARAH STREET (with Joshua Yumibe) Chromatic Modernity: Colour, Cinema and Media of the 1920s

  • MELANIE WILLIAMS Female Stars of British Cinema: The Women in Question

Report on Activities 2017-2018

BAFTSS British Cinema TV SIG Report 2019

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