BAFTSS Annual Conference 
7-9 April 2021 (online)

Time and the Body in Film, TV and Screen Studies
Hosted  by the University of Southampton Centre for International Film Research (CIFR)

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Call For Papers

The 9th Annual BAFTSS conference will take place entirely online from 7-9th April 2021. It will be hosted by the University of Southampton Centre for International Film Research (CIFR), and takes as its theme ‘Time and the Body in Film, Television and Screen Studies’. In focusing on time and the body, the conference seeks to bring attention to two elemental components of the physical world, whose manifestation in moving image media is however always dependent upon technological, cultural and artistic determinants.


The conference invites submissions for papers or practice-based research on any aspect of time and/or the body, whether human, social or otherwise, in Film, Television and Screen Studies. These might include:

  • how different treatments of time and the body vary according to historical, national or regional context, technology or exhibition space;

  • how special visions of time and the body distinguish art and entertainment, helping define different varieties of genre;

  • how categories of pleasure and punishment, love and labour, work, class, care, production and reproduction are each experienced; and

  • how stardom and performance, action and pace, haptics, spectacle and contemplation, each involve particular understandings of temporal or corporeal properties.

  • how time and the body help us rethink the relationship between nature and culture, or contain a political potential in areas as diverse as futurism and nostalgia, biopolitics or ecology, or with regards to how time and the body are gendered, sexed and raced.


The conditions of the 2021 conference bring home with particular pertinence the fundamental, yet malleable, natures of time and the body. The conference will be held entirely online, and will adopt a different format to increase participation and accessibility. Panels will be conceived as opportunities for discussion, with participants offering summaries of their research and devoting the rest of the time to debate with their fellow panel members and audience. Participants will be asked to provide a 10-minute presentation, script or any other form of audiovisual criticism prior to the conference to allow their research to be available to attendees in advance. In keeping with such a format, the conference will not feature keynote speakers, but rather a series of round table discussions about the challenges and opportunities the discipline currently faces.


We thus invite proposals for papers, practice, audiovisual essays, workshops or panels of three or four papers. BAFTSS is committed to issues of equality, diversity and inclusivity and we particularly encourage those proposing pre-convened panels to be mindful of this.