For questions or comments about specific areas of BAFTSS activities, the first point of contact is as follows:


General Enquiries: Chair James Leggott; Vice Chair Charlotte Crofts; Secretary Liz Watkins


BAFTSS Membership Secretary: Alexander Marlow Mann


BAFTSS Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinator: Liz Watkins


BAFTSS Conference 2021:


BAFTSS Conference 2022 onwards : Enquiries to James Leggott



Social Media and online presence:


BAFTSS Website: Alexander Marlow Mann


BAFTSS JISCmail list: You can post directly via BAFTSS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK; NB. posts are moderated and there may be a delay before the message is circulated. Further information here


BAFTSS Social Media (Twitter and Facebook):  Charlotte Crofts

BAFTSS PGR Network Social Media (Twitter)




Awards and Funding:


BAFTSS Publications Awards: James Leggott

BAFTSS Practice Research Awards: Charlotte Crofts

BAFTSS SIG Funding Scheme: Liz Watkins

BAFTSS Event Grant Scheme: Kate Ince

BAFTSS New Connections Scheme: Gabor Gergely and Eve Benhamou


BAFTSS ECR Mentoring Scheme: Gabor Gergely 


BAFTSS Postgraduate Research Poster Showcase: Liz Watkins


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