The BAFTSS email (listserv) discussion board is the principal way in which the organisation disseminates information to its members. Members may also post messages to all subscribers on any matter that relate to the organisation or that are consistent with its aims of furthering the study of film, television and screen studies.


How to Subscribe

We are using a list-server hosted by JISCMail. To subscribe, click here. Your request will then be reviewed by the list moderator.

How to Post a Message

Once you have subscribed to the list you can post a message to all subscribers by sending the message you want posted (without any supplementary text) to baftss@jiscmail.ac.uk. Your message will be moderated and posted

Code of practice for posting to the BAFTSS listserv

The list is moderated. We adhere to the acceptable use and etiquette guidelines established by JISCmail for listservs. These can be found here and here. These are some salient points from the guidelines to which we draw particular attention.

From the ‘Acceptable Use’ Guidelines (section 5):

  • Users are reminded that the use of JISCMail is subject to rules governing Acceptable Use and Etiquette and to UK laws. So messages sent to lists may not contain information that breaks any law, such as (but not restricted to) those regarding copyright or defamation

It is as well to remember that all emails are archived.

From the ‘Etiquette’ Guidelines:

  • Don’t call someone names or be overtly rude, blatantly sarcastic or condescending.

  • Watch where that reply is going; should it go to the sender or the list?

  • Use a meaningful subject line; it will increase the chances of it being read and found.

  • Write relevant messages appropriate to the purpose of the list.

  • Don’t quote an entire message when replying as this leads to very long messages.

  • Keep your lines short and don’t send long messages; waffle is off-putting.

Our list’s purpose is that of a public forum where we engage in the exchange of scholarly debate and information related to our discipline. There are two major points we would like to stress from JISCmail’s list above:

  • Be courteous at all times.

  • Ask yourself whether what you what to say is likely to be of interest to the list as a whole. It may be better dealt with between individuals, either from its inception, or at some point during an exchange.

BAFTSS Executive Committee (3 May 2013)