Euro-Bollywood SIG


Convenors: Rajinder Dudrah (Birmingham City University), Gyorgyi Vajdovich (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), Bernhard Fuchs (University of Vienna), Monia Acciari (De Montfort University)

List of founding members


Over the past fifteen years the study of Bollywood or popular Hindi cinema has seen a rise in the number of book-length studies focusing on varying aspects of the cinematic form and related popular cultures.  Studies have included analysing key films, to exploring it as a global phenomenon or to consider it as a type of soft power within Indian state and economic discourses. Yet knowledge of Bollywood’s historical rise and geographical presence throughout the world is still limited. To this end, the Euro-Bollywood special interest group focuses on Bollywood in Europe and Europe in Bollywood. It aims to bring together for the first time pan-European and internationally based scholars and cultural partners to explore the histories, networks and filmic representations pertaining to Euro-Bollywood (i.e. ideas of Europe in Bollywood and Bollywood in Europe), to explore and create new knowledge and understanding, including conceptual frameworks through the interaction of different areas across film, media, cultural studies and related disciplines.

The SIG aims to:

  • Publish online abstracts and summary of paper presentations of all the BAFTSS Euro-Bollywood SIG conference proceedings on a dedicated network website

  • Following each BAFTSS annual conference, BAFTSS Euro-Bollywood SIG presentations and papers will be revised for publication in special guest-edited issues, or standalone articles of selected academic journals, (e.g. South Asian Popular Culture)

  • Develop channels of communication with other special interest groups, individuals or organisations around the world

  • Create a Twitter account and Facebook group and work to share relevant news and promote each others’ work

  • With time and support from SIG members develop a critical bibliography to add to a website

Work Recently Published by Members

Monia Acciari, (2014), The Italianization of Bollywood Cinema: ad hoc films. Studies in European Cinema, Vol. 11 Issue 1, pp. 14-25. (Journal Article)


Rajinder Dudrah (2012) Bollywood Travels: Culture, Diaspora and Border Crossings in Popular Hindi Cinema (book)

Bernhard Fuchs (2014), Bollywood und Liebe im Kulturtransfer. Die literarische Transformation von Liebeskonzepten, in Takemitsu Morikawa (ed.): Die Welt der Liebe. Liebessemantiken zwischen Globalität und Lokalität (= Kulturen der Gesellschaft, Bd. 7), Bielefeld: transcript (Book Chapter)

Dina Iordanova (2001), Bollywood Calling: Marketing in the global diaspora as exemplified by Bollywood cinema. (Article)

Vandevelde Iris, Philippe Meers, Vande Winkel Roel, Sofie Van Bawel (2013), Bollywood tracks towards and through the city; structural patterns of Hindi film culture in Antwerp (Belgium). Contemporary South Asia, Vol.21, issue 2

Salma Siddique (2016), Le cosmopolitisms des comédies Shorey face à la Partition. In Amandine D’Azevedo, Térésa Faucon (eds.): In/dépendance des cinémas indiens. Cartographie des formes, des genres, des régions. Press Sorbonne Nouvelle. (Book Chapter)

Florian Staedler (2008), Cultural Connections: Lagaan and its Audience Responses, in Bainbridge E (eds) Connecting Cultures, Routledge (Book Chapter)

Györgyi Vajdovich (2011), Bollywood Masala: Le cinéma musical de Bollywood. CinémAction no. 138. Les cinémas de l’Inde. Les années 2000 (ed. Zeenat Saleh) Les Editions Corlet. (Article)

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