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Over 200 French and Francophone films are distributed each year, making this one of the world’s most important national cinemas, while French television series are increasingly reaching global distribution. This SIG is partnered by the only journal world-wide devoted entirely to French and Francophone audio-visual media, French Screen Studies (formerly Studies in French Cinema). Launched in 2000, the journal provides academics and students with a consistent quality of scholarly investigation across the full breadth of the subject. French Screen Studies is committed to a broad range of interpretations: aesthetic, theoretical, political and cultural. Nevertheless, some core principles underline its approach, notably in two areas. First, the journal aims to promote an equal balance between auteur and popular cinema: while the auteur is undoubtedly a core element of French and Francophone cinema, at home and especially abroad, its visibility at festivals and in critical practice has often eclipsed the still thriving mainstream production of French genre films and television series, which deserves full recognition. Secondly, the journal encourages a strong focus on gender and sexuality as well as on racial and ethnic diversity, both in terms of the topics considered and the range of writers. French Screen Studies considers that its mission is to promote rigorous analyses of French and Francophone films and other audio-visual products and to foster debate.

Click on the links for a list of members and the Susan Hayward prize awarded by the journal. Resources for the study of French and Francophone cinema (theses, books, etc.) are regularly discussed in the journal and on the BAFTSS French & Francophone cinema facebook group.

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BAFTSS French Francophone Film SIG Report 2019

Girlhood & Contemporary French Cinema Studies (Kings College London, 8 February 2020)