Reports on BAFTSS-Funded Events

On this page you will find reports of all events previously funded by BAFTSS, be they through our SIG (Special Interest Groups), PG funding, or other schemes.


For details of current funding schemes and how to apply, please see the Funding page.



SIG Events:

2020, February. Girlhood & Contemporary French Cinema Studies (French & Francophone Cinema SIG)

2019, June. The Essay Film Form and Animation: Intersectionality in Motion (Essay Film SIG)

2019, June. FS74 - A (London) Film Society Reconstruction (Animation SIG)

2019, June. Transnational Screens New Directions, New Collaborations (Transnational Film & TV SIG)


2018, October. Psychoanalysis, Nationalism and Ideology Conference (Psychoanalysis & Film SIG)

2018, April. British Women Amateur Filmmakers and Colour Films Symposium (Amateur Cinema SIG)

2018, March. Colour in Context Symposium (Colour & Film SIG)

2017, November. Essay Film and Narrative Techniques Screenwriting Non-Fiction Symposium (Essay Film SIG)


2017, November. Euro-Bollywood (SIG) Workshop Deconstructing the Complexities (Euro-Bollywood SIG)

2017, September. The Persistence of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Symposium (Animation SIG)

2017, February. Journeys through Colour Experimentation, Realism and Artifice in Non-fiction Travel Film Symposium (Colour & Film SIG)

PG Events:

2019, May. 120 BPM Screening (PG Event)

2019. University of St Andrews PG Symposium (PG Event)

2017, June. Troubling Time An Exploration of Temporality in the Arts (PG Event)

2016, June. Production Studies Film, Television, and their Industrial Contexts Conference (PG Event)

2015, January. Island Poetics Symposium & Workshop (PG Event)

2013, June. New Approaches to Gender, Film and Television - Histories and Futures in the Digital Age (PG Event)

​2013, April. Theorising Practice, Practising Theory (PG Event)

Other Events:

2020, June. Hidden Figures of Screen Music and Sound

2019, May. 40 Years of Alien

2019, April. Oceans and the Visual Arts