LGBTQ+ Screen Studies SIG


Daniel Sheppard (Birmingham City University)

Amy Harris (De Montfort University)

List of founding members


Since the inception of Queer Theory in the early 1990s, LGBTQ+ screen studies has grown exponentially as a discipline in itself, especially in recent years. Connecting film, television, and screen studies with studies in sex, gender, and sexuality, LGBTQ+ screen studies draws upon a wide range of critical methodologies which serve to theorise LGBTQ+ representation and visibility across a diverse spectrum of screen media. As well as interdisciplinary analyses of representational and thematic strategies, LGBTQ+ screen studies also examines changes in industry practice, modes of exhibition, new approaches to distribution, and media audiences in their historical and contemporary contexts.

BAFTSS’ LGBTQ+ Screen Studies SIG aims to bring together scholars and practitioners with an interest in research, whether practice-based or otherwise, that relates to LGBTQ+ issues. The SIG seeks to create a professional network where peers and colleagues can exchange ideas and collaborate on future projects, building a safe and inclusive support system. In building such a safe and inclusive support system, the SIG acknowledges the diverse experiences that the LGBTQ+ acronym bands together and will give due regard to each and every group encompassed, further committing to platform those who are more often marginalised. In the SIG’s commitment to this promise, it is keen to explore the intersection between LGBTQ+ lives and other determining factors such as disability, race, and ethnicity, and commits to aid these efforts.

Prior to each BAFTSS annual conference, the SIG will work to facilitate panels relating to LGBTQ+ screen studies, further providing post-conference development opportunities such as peer-to-peer feedback sessions and publication in guest-edited issues of selected academic journals.

In addition to the organisational aims of the BAFTSS’ LGBTQ+ Screen Studies SIG, convenors will expand the current SIG activities to:

  • Create and maintain social media channels and a website with information on SIG activities, new developments in the field, and opportunities to circulate publications and research activities from SIG members

  • Facilitate SIG networking events, both virtually and in person, to support collegial community beyond the BAFTSS annual conference

  • Promote enrichment events for SIG members throughout the year: events include, but are not limited to, SIG reading groups, SIG-affiliated symposia and screenings

  • Develop and maintain channels of communication with other SIGs and organisations around the world, as well as BAFTSS, that are concerned with LGBTQ+ screen studies