BAFTSS New Connections 2019/20

In 2019, BAFTSS launched its inaugural season of ‘New Connections’ Research papers at universities across the UK.


Many of the Association’s members are early career researchers who have completed their PhDs and now lack supervisory support, but are not yet in secure, salaried positions within academia. We were pleased that the ‘BAFTSS ECR Mentorship Scheme’ that we launched in Spring 2019 had been able to ‘twin’ people in this detached and precarious situation with experienced academic mentors across the UK.


‘New Connections’ emerges from that Scheme. It encourages ECRs to broker a fresh relationship with an Institution and provides travel bursaries to enable them to present their research to a new audience. 


Information about the 2019-20 Season of research talks is given below. We would like to thank our ECR mentees for applying to take part and are extremely grateful to colleagues at the various host universities for being so welcoming.


Wednesday October 30th 2019, 2 – 5:00pm, Dr Matthew Robinson: ‘An “Emotional Moment”: The Execution of Ruth Ellis in Pierrepoint (2005)

Dr. Robinson’s talk is hosted by the Centre for Film, Media, Discourse and Culture, Faculty of Arts, University of Wolverhampton (Location: Room  MC226, Millennium City Building, City Campus). For further details please contact Dr Benjamin Halligan ( Director of the Doctoral College, or Dr Fran Pheasant-Kelly, (, Director Centre for Film, Media, Discourse and Culture.



Wednesday 13th November 2019, 6 – 7.30pm : Dr Eve Benhamou: “An Expanding Cinematic Universe: Contemporary Disney Animation and Genre in Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)"

Dr Benhamou’s talk is part of the ‘Film, Media and Global Culture Seminar Series’ at the Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry (CMII), University College London (Location: Room 111, Foster Court, Malet Place). For further details please contact Dr Keith B. Wagner ( or Dr Benhamou ( 



Monday 17th February 2020, 5pm: Dr Oliver Kenny: ‘Brits can't do erotica: the impact of nationality on British attitudes towards sexual imagery.’

Dr Kenny’s talk is hosted by the History Research Group,  Bournemouth University (Location: Room W240, Weymouth House). (For further details please contact Dr Austin Fisher, or Dr Oliver Kenny (



April 2020 (date to be confirmed): Dr Stella Gaynor: 'Horror According to Netflix: A carefully curated exploration of genre.'

Dr Gaynor’s talk is hosted by the Department of Media, Journalism and Film, The University of Huddersfield.

Her paper will explore a selection of horror original series on Netflix, and unlock through industrial analysis the methods, models, and strategies used by Netflix to make and promote a horror series. Using textual analysis of Hemlock Grove, Haunting of Hill House, Black Summer, Kingdom and Chambers, this paper will ask what the model of Netflix means for the development of serialized horror.

For more information, please contact  Professor Catherine Johnson ( at the University of Huddersfield.