Screening Sex SIG:

Below is a list of profile pages for Screening Sex members. A summary of biographies and contact details on the Screening Sex Network is available here.


Darren Kerr, Solent University UK,


Donna Peberdy, Solent University UK,


Founding Members

Brandon Arroyo, Concordia University, Canada

Feona Attwood, Middlesex University, UK

Colette Balmain, Kingston University, UK

Heather Berg, USC Dornsife College, California, USA

Darren Elliot-Smith, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Isaac Gustafsson-Wood, University of Southampton, UK

Melissa Hair, Northumbria University, UK

Sara Janssen, University of Kent, UK

Steve Jones, Northumbria University, UK

Stuart Joy Solent University, UK,

John Mercer, Birmingham City University, UK

Andrew Moor, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Gary Needham, University of Liverpool, UK

Tessa Read, King’s College London, UK

Catherine Scott, author and journalist, UK

Adam Vaughan, University of Southampton, UK

Connor Winterton, Birmingham City University, UK

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