Performance and Stardom


Convenors: Julie Lobalzo Wright (University of Warwick), Leanne Weston (University of Warwick) 

List of founding members



While stardom has become a significant and well-established part of Film Studies, the field has expanded to consider areas beyond the initial focus on Hollywood stardom to examine new areas including performance, ageing, and European stardom, and into new media, including television. There is a diversity within the study of stardom and performance that this network of individuals represents through their already published works and future projects that this SIG would support through communication and exchanges for scholarship and teaching. 


Although the SIG would broadly focus on stardom and performance, some specific areas that will be of concern are:


  • interdisciplinary studies into stardom and performance, including theoretically-informed approaches to performance analysis and close readings of performance

  • the relationship between screen industries and stardom

  • how stars operate as celebrities

  • stardom narratives

  • stardom and fandom

  • regional, national, and transnational stardom

  • the impact of race, ethnicity, sexuality on stardom

  • acting, performance, and identity

  • stardom and performance in television

Reports on Activities

Reinvigorating and Reinventing Stardom Symposium, 2 November 2019

Reinvigorating and Reinventing Stardom S